Saturday, August 22, 2009

Definition of CAD

CAD or CADD is an extremely generic term that means Computer Aided Design (Drafting).
That's it !
If you use a computer to create design drawings or forms then it's CAD. It doesn't matter if the software uses Parametrics, 2d, 3d, surfaces or solids.
CAD does not stand for 2d or vector based software.
I keep hearing and reading people refer to CAD as an acronym for AutoCAD or the DWG or DGN or even SKP.
For someone to say "The project is done in CAD not BIM". Makes absolutely no sense. You cannot compare the definition of CAD to BIM (Building Information Modeling). CAD is just a big part of BIM.
Spread the word.
CAD means Computer Aided Design. It does not mean 2d or vector based file format.