Sunday, September 25, 2011

REVIT Cut Geometry With Walls and In Place Void Family

The REVIT model in the image above was generated in about 5 minutes by using the Cut Geometry tool, two wall types and a couple In Place Voids.

After the model is done you can use the Paint tool to paint each surface with the material of your choice.

The Cut Geometry Tool Rocks !

All part of the next CADclip REVIT Video Training series.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

REVIT Copy and Paste Razzle Dazzle Video

In REVIT, using Copy and Paste from Level to Level is such a powerful tool. Over time it simply becomes the norm to all of us regular REVIT users. To loose that ability at this point would be devistating. I'd have to change trades.
For those who are not in the 'know', you can instantly copy many objects from one level (or area) of a building to other levels or areas.

This is available with model elements as well as annotation elements.

Everytime I show someone how you can create an entire multi storey building and have all the schedules etc.  update instantly it brings a smile to the room. All in under10 seconds !

Below I extend that 10 seconds to a 6 minute CADclip and add my 2 cents along the way.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

CADclip on REVIT 2012 3D Plans and Sections

Below is a great REVIT training video tutorial on how to create cool 3D views of your floor plans, sections and callouts.

CADclip Load Structural Beams Columns and Place Beams

The CADclip below (part of a 75 video series) demonstrates how to load structural beams and columns into REVIT Architecture and at least one way of placing the beams overhead.

The components are created and viewed in Plan, Section and 3D.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

CADclip on REVIT Footing Linestyles and Linework

In REVIT there are at least a two ways to to get your footing lines to be 'dashed' in a plan view.

After adjusting the 'View Range' of the plan view to include the footings you can use the 'Beyond' 'Linestyle' or you can use the 'Linework' tool to override the linestyle.

You can even make lines 'Invisible' with the 'Linework' tool.

Outside the View Range aspect you can use this same process to override the linework in almost any view type, including 3D views.

Below is a CADclip demonstration.