Friday, May 19, 2006

Request a Live 'Brown Bag Lunch and Learn' session

For a limited time, you can Email me to request a free Live 'Brown Bag - Lunch and Learn' Training session. This is live and completely interactive. It can be a demo or topic specific training. We will pipe in a class to your office via the internet during your lunch time. The training topic is open for discussion. For more information on the new CADILOT (CAD Integrated Live Online Training) system see this link below.

REVIT Rendering Survey from Autodesk

Steve Stafford has posted another Autodesk Survey link on REVIT Rendering. Place your input here.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

FREE CAD Integrated Live Online Training - Test Drive

We are scheduling a FREE Test Drive of the exciting new CADILOT (CAD Integrated Live Online Training) System. See this posting for more information > This CADILOT class will be held on Thursday, May 18, at 3:00 pm MDT. The topic will be 'A REVIT Demo'. The objective of this class will be an exercise of how the new CADILOT system works and maybe learn some REVIT along the way as well. Only room for 10 people, so the first 10 people to email me at and title the message "CADILOT Thursday" will get in. * If you cannot make this scheduled time, fear not just email me with the message title "CADILOT - RAIN CHECK PLEASE" and I will put you on the list for the next Freebee. You will receive an email invitation that looks like this. (You have to accept a security certificate and away we go.) Please join my meeting at Conference Call: Dial (xxx) xxx-xxxx, then enter access code xxx-xxx-xxx Meeting ID: xxx-xxx-xxx GoToMeeting(TM) Online Meetings Made Easy

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The future of REVIT Training has arrived - Thank you !

C A D I L O T - CAD Inegrated Live Online Training ( coming soon ! New Online 'Fully Interactive' REVIT Training now Available. The future is here and we are ON IT ! That's right, sit back at your desk, in board room, in a coffee shop, on a boat, in a hotel, in a park or on a bus for that matter and watch how it's done . > LIVE and FULLY Interactive ! One on One training or in a Group. Ask questions and get your answers right then and there. We can record the session so no need to panic. How about scheduling the sessions to suit your availability. Through the magic of CITRIX thin client technology anyone in the meeting can be given control of the mouse and control of the SOFTWARE. This means we can pass the mouse back and forth ! I think the future is here and it's awesome. DG CAD is all setup to provide you with live 'Online Conference Style' training. It's instant, it's easy, it's fully interactive and it's very effective ! We do this in the same way people have been doing live conference meetings for some time now but with better technology and faster internet. We are setup through and it's so simple it's funny. You instantly see our screen on your screen and we talk over the speaker phones. Then if you want the mouse control can you have it ! Email us to setup your training sessions ! >

Sunday, May 07, 2006

'Level Name' vs 'View Name' vs 'Title on Sheet' vs 'Sheet Name'

Thanks to CADDIGEST for posting this tutorial ! Here's something useful that we all need to know about getting the right names and titles from your levels to your sheets. Most of us start by creating Levels, naming them and making a Plan View of that level. No problem. Then we accept the level name as the view name. Again no problem. This works just fine for me because I like my plan views to be representative of the associiated level it is on. However when we place this view on a sheet we may want a less technical or more friendly name. So what we can then do is change the properties of the view and set the 'Title on Sheet' to be different. For axample we have a level named T/FTG and the plan view is named T/FTG which is ok but when we place this on a sheet we want the title bubble to say Foundation Plan. See below the view properties dialog box and resulting title bubble when placed on a sheet. Right click on the view in the project browser to get to the view properties. The Sheet name is simply applied to the properties of the Sheet itself. You can right click a Sheet name in the 'project browser' and 'rename' it or you can go into the 'properties' and set it there. So in summary we have the following property variables: 1. The Level Name property ie: Top of Joist 2. The View Name property ie: Top of Joist or Main Floor 3. The view Title on Sheet property ie: Existing Main Floor Plan 4. The Sheet Name property ie: First and Second Floor Plans

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jogged Section Lines

Thanks to CADDIGEST for posting this tutorial !

Most of us use the REVIT section marks all the time. I use them constantly for design purposes as well as for the final construction drawings

We are usually satisfied to use a straight line segment for the section line. But you can 'Jog' or offset a section line.
Sometimes a Jogged Section line comes in very handi. The way you Jog a section line / mark in REVIT is not really obvious.

Start the Section tool and click the two end points of a single straight segment.

Then click on the section line and note the Split Segment button on the options bar at the top.
Click the Split Segment button. Then click the section line once where you want the break to occur. Then click again to drag the displacement. 

Slide your mouse around during this process to get the feel for it.

Click the Section Line again and drag to add a second Jog.

* Also note the new blue triangular grips to control the newly created Jogged segments.

That's is ! Have fun.

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