Wednesday, June 29, 2011

REVIT Section Head Bubble CADclip

As shown above you can offer a variation of section head bubbles in
REVIT Architecture, Structure and MEP.

View the CADclip below to learn the best way to modify a REVIT Section Head Bubble.

You can also use this exact same method to change the Section Tail Symbol.

Friday, June 24, 2011

REVIT 2012 Roof Cricket CADclip

Below is a great little CADclip on how to create a roof cricket around a roof pentration.

In the CADclip above we use the normal roof edge slope methods and 2 very small edges.

You can also accomplish this cricket by using two 'Slope Arrows' as shown in the image below.
In the image below I placed the 2 slope arrows along the gable end of the cricket pointing towards the middle of the cricket. Note that you do NOT need to split the roof footprint linework on the gable edge. The roof footprint is made up of 3 segments only. Then to set the slope properties select the slope arrow(s) and use the properties palette. You can modify both arrows at the same time.

Monday, June 20, 2011

REVIT Railing with Glass Panels

3D View of Railing Ballaster Panel Family Template
Ballaster Configuration Dialog Box Railing Configuration Dialog Box
Above are 4 images.

The top image is of the completed railings with one railing type for flat railings and one railing type for sloped railings.
Each railing type (flat and sloped) contains two railings, two end posts, 1" ballasters and 2'-0" wide glass panel 'ballasters'. Yes the glass panel is a ballaster !!

The second image is inside the new ballaster family template (Ballaster-Panel.rft).
Here we create and load two new ballaster panel families. Each ballaster panel family is made up of an extrusion 1/4" thick with 4 sides aligned and locked to the reference planes.

For the flat railing type, use the vertical and horizontal ref. planes.

For the sloped railing type, use the vertical and sloped ref. planes.

Make the extrusion material 'glass'.

After you load the two ballaster panel families into the project you can assign them to the new railing family.

Next we need to duplicate the 'Railing- Handrail -Pipe' family twice and rename them 'Glass Panel Rail Flat' and Glass Panel Rail Slope'.

The two new railing types will be identical other then specifying the sloped or flat ballaster panel.

The third image is of the Ballaster Placement dialog box found in the type properties of the railing.

Note the families and the numbers.

The forth image is of the Railing Structure dialog box found in the type properties of the railing.

Note the families and the numbers.
* From what I can tell, when working in the ballaster placement dialog box the 'distance from previous' is measured from the ballaster center lines.

*Also don't forget to set the ballaster 'Justify' to 'Spread Pattern to Fit'.

* You can set the panel width (2'-0" by default) in the type properties of the panel family listed in the project browser (double click).

The panel height is controlled by the ballaster placement dialog box. (top and base offset)

Detailed videos to be prodiuced on this topic process at:

CADclips REVIT Videos Here