Thursday, December 20, 2012

Daryl and his Hero !

I was tickled to Cross Paths with my hero 'Eric Braeden' from Y & R (aka Victor Newman). The cute waitress at the airport bar let out a squeel, I grabbed my iPhone and seized the moment !

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Save REVIT Screen Space

CADclips Announces New $39 and $99 REVIT Video Training Tutorial Subscriptions

Use 'Show Panel Titles' to save vertical screen space in REVIT by right clicking a Ribbon Tab, then the Show Panel Titles toggle.

Little as it may be, it's there to be used and .... IIIIIIIIIIIII use it.

REVIT Halftone Tip for Sketch Mode

CADclips Announces New $19, $39 and $99 REVIT Video Training Tutorial Subscription

The 'Halftone' setting controls how bright or faint the existing linework displays when you go into 'Sketch' mode in REVIT. You can find the 'Halftone' setting under the 'Manage' tab on the ribbon.
I definitely do recall being annoyed in the past when you go into sketch mode and you have the pink / magenta lines and the rest of the model all but disappears.
I believe it may also depend on your monitor, resolution, video card and display settings. By default it usually works ok so this is why most people never come across the problem.

But when you do . . . . . . it sure is annoying.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

REVIT Training Video Using Detail Lines and Custom Line Style

CADclips Announces New $19, $39 and $99 REVIT Video Training Tutorial Subscription

Above is a nice little REVIT 2013 Training Video on using Detail Lines with a Custom Line Style to draw the dashed line representing a shelf for a closet.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

REVIT Unable to Write to XX it is Read Only or Opened by Someone Else

CADclips Announces New $19, $39 and $99 REVIT Video Training Tutorial Subscription

I see this same REVIT error a few times a week with different users when trying to 'Synchronize with Central'.

So, in REVIT you are able to 'Create New Local' file BUT then when you try to sinc you get the error above.

My hard earned (head banging) experience has uncovered that this is almost always caused because the User does not have 'Editable' rights to the folder the file is saved in.

Do yourself a big favour and make sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the user has 'Editable' rights to the folder.

Do this first and foremost before you bother wasting your time trouble shooting any other potential causes.

This should be the number 1 item to check on before doing anything else.

Don't 'assume' anything. Make sure the IT people actually visually varify this, (preferably with you by their side).

Monday, November 19, 2012

1400 CADclip REVIT Videos $88

CADclips Announces New $19, $39 and $99 REVIT Video Training Tutorial Subscription

Cannot attend AU 2012
You will not be left out of the circle of knowledge.
This REVIT Training Offer is good until November 29th, 2012.
Click the image to the left to purchase 1 year of CADclips download and online viewing access to 1400+ REVIT Training videos for only $88.

. . . . . and YES even though this deal seems hard to believe it is 100% legitimate. 
Travel, Hotel, Casino, Britany Spears look-a-like and Beverages not included : )
I'm in the industry.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

REVIT 2013 Cable Tray Video Tutorial

CADclips Announces New $19, $39 and $99 REVIT Video Training Tutorial Subscription

One key to successfully routing Cable Tray, Duct Work and Piping is leaving enough room for the fittings to go in, in order to make the transitions and 'bends' either laterally or vertically.
The CADclip below should help you out in your day to day routing chores.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

REVIT MEP 2013 Hot and Cold Water Plumbing Tutorial

CADclips Announces New $19, $39 and $99 REVIT Video Training Tutorial Subscription

As shown above,
below is a nice 13 minute video tutorial on
Hot and Cold Water Plumbing.
. . . . with a little added lesson on View Filters.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

REVIT MEP 2013 Tutorial Sloping Pipe System

Below is a great CADclip REVIT MEP 2013 Tutorial on 'Sloping a Pipe System'.
We've come a long way !

Monday, October 15, 2012

REVIT 2013 Video on Graphic Design Options

Below is a great CADclip on using the REVIT 2013 Graphic Design Options.

These new options which include Background Images, Photographic Exposure, Transparency and much more are all available in various views such Sections, Elevations, Perspective and isometric 3D views for Hidden Line, Shaded, Consistent Colors and Realistic visual styles. 

You can also save these settings to a View Template to apply it to other views.

These are all features used to enhance the visual effect of the views but do not require 'Rendering'.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Daryls Picks Free REVIT Training Custom Beam Families

REVIT comes installed with many beam families. The best way to create a custom beam family is to use an existing beam family and rename it. There are also predetermined Beam Family template files at your disposal.

In this tutorial series (amongst other things) we learn how to nest ‘profile’ families and parameters three levels deep to facilitate our project beam outcome. This ‘nested profile’ lesson on it’s own is extremely valuable and transcends to other REVIT family applications far beyond just beams.

These lessons give you the tools to go forward and create your own custom beams.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Daryls Picks Free REVIT Training Datums Views Crop Regions Scope Boxes and Reference Planes

$50 - 1 Year CADclips Video Training Subscription

I have absolutely no doubt that many people continue to struggle with Datum objects in relation to Views, Crop Regions and Scope Boxes. There are some things that just cannot be explained with words and still diagrams.

Behold all the answers in these CADclip video tutorials I thought I knew it all myself until I was challenged in creating these lessons.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Daryls Picks Free REVIT Training Custom Families

I know this is a wee bit dated for y'all but here's a link to 14 hours of awesome free REVIT Architecture 2009 traning.

There was no ribbon back then so use your brain to translate the interface : )

Priceless !

14 Hours of Free Revit Training

In this series we will use a ‘Work in Progress’ approach to develop the series over a period of time.

Here are the main objectives of the training:

Custom Families, Clay Tile, Materials, Lighting, Rendering, Cameras, Site and Toposurfaces.

Utilize a ‘Santa Barbara California’ modeling theme to keep it interesting.

Drill down into the new Mental Ray Rendering tools and Materials.

Take advantage of the CADclips supplied Content File which contains ALL the custom families in this series.

Learn to create the custom families yourself, from scratch.

We cover everything from Spanish Clay Tile Roofing to Topo Surfaces and Wall Scallops as we dress up the outside of our Santa Barbara models.

Monday, September 10, 2012

REVIT View Discipline Explained - Kind of

$50 - 1 Year CADclips Video Training Subscription

The REVIT 'Discipline' topic has to be the single worst explained aspect of the entire software.

It's laughable.

I have come to the conclusion that somewhere is an unpublished algorythm that hard codes the discipline stuff to the project and it's up to us to follow the trail of bread crumbs. Feel free to comment . . . .

Here is all that the help menu has to say on the topic. I still remember reading this years ago, testing the theory and thinking "WHA". Are you trying to confuse us.

They finally got around to adding a link to the Project Browser but it actually says nothing about discipline. Another dead end road.

So to get started 'Discipline' is a property of a view. Each 3D View, floor plan, elevation, section, callout, area plan and drafting view has the 'Discipline' property.

There is no way to set the discipline to 'none'. It has to be set to one of the available disciplines listed above.

Listed below are the 5 factory set, 'none editable' Disciplines.
Coordination is an option in the properties as a discipline but it's not really a discipline but rather a combination of disciplines to be used when inter-discipline projects are used by linking in each other files.

I used to think that setting the view discipline just did a bunch of visibility graphics overrides but that is not the case. The discipline stuff is ALL factory set and NOT editable in any way shape or form. The preset discipline mechanics going on in the background is above and beyond the object styles, visibility graphics overrides and view filters. So yes, it's the software and you're not going crazy after all.

Having said that, when you set the views 'Discipline' it zaps the view and turns some elements on and others off and grey's others elements out.

The fact is that 'discipline' is weaved into the fabric of the program, it is factory set and not editable. So you just have to figure it out over time because it's simply not documented.

The discipline view property is very powerful because it actually trumps the object styles and the visibility graphics override. This is paramount information.

Setting the discipline of the view does two major things.
1. It zaps the view to display certain elements a certain way (or turns them on and off).
2. Re-organizes the view within the Project Browser (depending on the how the PB is set to organize itself).

In a nut shell that's it.

So I use the term 'zap' because I can't say for sure what exactly happens because it's all being done behind the scenes and there's no real explanation anywhere.

Above, the help menu says 'Architectural' > Displays all model geometry from all disciplines.
This is WRONG WRONG WRONG. You'll notice it says exactly the same thing word for word for 'Coordination'.

Below are 3 floor plans with the discipline's set to Architectural, Mechanical and Structural.

Can't YOU spot the differences ?

View set to Architectural Discipline

View set to Mechanical Discipline

View set to Structural Discipline

When the view discipline is set to Architectural it does NOT show any ducts or mechanical equipment. (Further detail below)

The problem is, nowhere does it tell us what 'IS' an architectural, mechanical or structural element / category.

You can set the view discipline but what categories are considered to be on what discipline is the million dollar question. It's simply not documented.
So one of the easiest ways (REVIT 2013 only) to try and see what categories are considered on what discipline is to use Filter List in the Visibility Graphics override dialog box, as shown below.

By using the filter list above you can at least see the categories that REVIT considers for each discipline. Some elements show up in all disciplines so in my opinion they are not discipline specific, while other are. So we can conclude that some categories are discipline related while others completely ignore the discipline setting. Strange but true.

Then there are Walls. If a wall has the instance parameter 'Load Bearing' set to Yes then it's considered a Structural Discipline, otherwise it's Architectural. In REVIT 2013 the Load Bearing parameter has been renamed Structural. Yeah !

In summary here's my definition of the Discipline property of a view.

Shows walls (both structural and architectural), doors, windows, roofs, floors, stairs etc all normally or as per the object styles and visibility graphics overrides. Does not display any ducts, mechanical equipment or cable trays. It will however display electrical devices, electrical equipment, pipes, pipe fixtures, and plumbing fixtures. Go figure. 

Displays the same categories as the Architectural discipline but 'hides' non structural walls. It will however show the doors and windows (floating in the middle of nowhere) because they are hosted by the non structural walls (which get turned off) ?

Shows all the categories considered to be Architectural and Structural 'greyed out' (half tone). Shows ducts, cable trays,  mechanical equipment, electrical devices, electrical equipment, piping devices and plumbing fixtures normally.

Same as Mechanical

Same as Mechanical

Shows everything as normal and turns nothing off. Used to see all categories regardless of discipline.

So if Mechanical, Electrical and Piping are all the same then why have them ? The reasoning goes back to my point 2. above. It just re-organizes the view in the Project browser.

** Don't get the view 'discipline' mixed up with the visibility graphics overrides. Any view can have a category(s) turned off appearing like it's a discipline controlled category but it's not.

The only way to truely test what the effects of changing the view's discipline is, is to place a bunch of objects from all disciplines in a view, turn ON all categories in the view in the VG dialog box and then play with the discipline setting and see what it does.

If you come across a view property named 'sub-discipline' or 'classification' those are man made Project Parameters assigned to 'views'. These are used to re-organize the views in the Project Browser and that's about it. Not the same and not near as powerful as the 'Discipline' property. 

Friday, September 07, 2012

The Old REVIT Invisible Line Trick

Sometimes you want to place a REVIT component above the view range area of a floor plan but you still want the element or annotative version of the element to show up in a floor plan.

This happens all the time when we place electrical, structural and mechanical objects above the view range.

A cheap work around is to put an invisible model line in the family that dangles into the view range area. Like a 'stem'. The stem length can be tied to a reference plane which is constrained to an instance parameter.

If the (invisible) stem penetrates the view range in the floor plan, then it displays the family as it's been configured to do. The stem itself has no say in 'how' the family is displayed, it just qualifies the family to be displayed in the plan view. After that the display aspect defers to the family itself. 

The stem length can be zero or any positive number and can be set by dragging the endpoint or by the properties palette.

I talked about this same process years ago in the Ultimate Framing Plan to enable overhead structural objects to show up in floor plans.

Have a look at the 15 minute CADclip below for a full demonstration.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Poor REVIT Lighting Family RFA files

I have been privy to someone tasked with locating and download REVIT lighting families (rfa files (some with txt type catalog files)) from various Manufacturer's web site.

In a word "Un-impressed"

To mention a few common problems . . .
Incorrect electrical type parameter 'values'
Poorly placed lighting source elements
Inability to flex
Lack of reference planes
Poor Symbolic linework not aligned or centered
3D geometry not lining up to with reference planes
3D Geometry not lining up with symbolic lines
Visibility settings not thought through
Detail level settings not thought through

You are better off to scrap the file and start fresh yourself.

Better yet, open one of the 'out of the box' REVIT families and tweak it to your hearts content.

Moral of the story . . . "Learn to Create Your Own Families"

If you know of a web site with quality REVIT lighting families let me know.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

REVIT Duplex Receptacle Family Dissection

The 'Out of the box' (OTB) Duplex Receptacle.rfa family REVIT supplies is as good a place as any to start to investigate just how a typical REVIT electrical family works.

First of all you can host it to a wall in a linked architectural model, but most interesting is the fact that there is a 'nested' annotation family within the 3D family.

When in a Plan view all you see is the correctly scaled annotation symbol (as shown on the left) but in a 3D or Elevation view you see the physical 3D elements on the right.

View the CADclip below for a breakdown and introduction to dissecting this interesting little family.

Once you get the just of it, modifying these electrical families will become much less of an issue.

Friday, August 24, 2012

REVIT - My Create New Local is Greyed Out

Here's a great but simple tip that can stop you from pulling your hair out.

If you try to open a Central File in REVIT and you are NOT using the same version (and Build number) of REVIT that was used to create the Central file, the 'Create New Local' option is not available, greyed out or disabled.

a) If you are using an older version of REVIT then you are hooped and cannot open the file, period. Go away.

b) If you are using a newer version of REVIT then just open the file, upgrade it to your version of REVIT (done automatic) then 'save as' the file and click the 'Option' button in the Save dialog box and check off the option for 'Make this a central file after save'.

Then you need to close this new central file and relinquish everything.

Lastly you can now open the same file and the 'Create New Local' option is BACK !

I have seen this problem where the REVIT version is the same but the culprit is the 'Build Number'.

Also if this is / was a central file that has been relocated to a new folder the 'create new local' will be grey out or disabled. You need to make it into a central file again. Just open it anyway, then do a saveas click the 'Option' button in the Save dialog box and check off the option for 'Make this a central file after save'. Then you need to close this new central file and relinquish everything. Then try to open it again and notice the 'Create New Local' should be available.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Landcadd and Siteworks for REVIT


REVIT with real curbs, roads, sidewalks and retaining walls !
Can you see the smile on my face : ))

I am quite excited to start learning Eagle Point's
Landcadd and Siteworks "FOR REVIT".

These two very established software products have been available to AutoCAD as 3rd party applications for many years. Tried, True and Tested.

Stay tuned for some great tips on Landcadd and Siteworks for REVIT.

We all know that REVIT sucks at adding in the surrounding landscape elements, curbs, sidewalks, roads, retaining walls, cut & fill and grading. Anything outside the building for that matter.

Stand up and say "HALLELUJAH" to these great new REVIT add-ons. But they are not new products at all, they are old products now being made for REVIT.

After installation you will see two new tabs on the ribbon with Landcadd and Siteworks Labels.

. . . . and . . . . . . awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. . . . . . we go !

Nothing like fresh REVIT add ons, especially from a company like Eagle Point, to make my day : )

Combine this with REVIT 2013 (code named One Box) and you've got some serious power at your fingertips.

Oh and last but not least you can import and export the data via LandXML format for our Civil 3D friends !

Friday, July 27, 2012

CADclip REVIT 2013 Video Training Tutorials

The CADclips flood gates will be opening soon with more of the worlds best REVIT / BIM Video Training Tutorials.

REVIT 2013
(code name One Box).

Exciting BIM times are on the horizon !

More Topics in the making:

View Templates
Project templates
Project Browser
Browser Searching (YEAH !)
View types
Dimension enhancements
Family editing
View references
Nested Families
Visualization Graphics
Background Sky and Images
Surface Transparency Sliders
Hardware Acceleration Support for WARP
Anti-Aliasing for smoother lines
Realistic Visual Style
RPC in the Realistic Visual Style
Artificial Lights and Photographic Exposure
Ray Trace Visual Style
material assets
Thermal properties data facilitates heating and cooling load calculations
Structural properties data
DGN export/import
IFC export/import
Construction modeling - Parts
Construction modeling - Assemblies
Conceptual Design Environment
Loop Arrowhead Style
Zoom To Fit - Double Click
Three REVIT Disciplnes all in one box
Suite Workflows
New Stair abilities and stair by component
Ribbon tab changes
Selection sets saving and filtering
MEP Centerlines (YEAH !)
MEP Routing preferences for duct and pipe
MEP Pressure loss report
MEP ASHRAE duct fitting database
MEP Room calculation point
MEP Duct, pipe, and conduit size prefix setting
MEP Export category for gbXML
MEP Ducts and pipes now have varying flow along their length as defined by takeoff/tap fittings
MEP Ribbon tab changes
MEP Site tools (YEAH !)
Structure Reinforcement Enhancements
Structure Fabric Reinforcement
Structural Analysis enhancements
Structure New instance properties of analytical elements
Structure Massing tools
Discipline during deployment, installation and view creation

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do you have CADclips in your rGuide, vBook Training Library ?

CADclips is gathering feedback from everyone who has CADclip Videos listed on the shelves of their
rGuide / vBook Training Library.

CADclips is offering a 1 year free CADclips download subscription for all valid participants.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Retrieve Technologies Illegally Distributes CADclips Material

REVIT Related Legal News Flash:

Retrieve Technologies, owned and run by Dave Arnold in Henniker NH , has been Illegally selling copy written CADclips Training videos for over 3 years.

This is direct and blatant Copyright Infringement and subject to all legally binding regulations.

"I know this because I have direct evidence. I Daryl Gregoire, am the creator and owner of all 'CADclips' training material and I now have a seperate independant Corporate vOffice account (from my day job) that has my own personally created CADclips material on the vOffice shelf.

We, CADclips have made several attempts to contact Retrieve and they have chossen to ignored us and continue to sell our copyright material.

If you, your company or corporation has CADclips videos on the shelves of their vOffice, rGuide or vBooks it is 'Illegally Distributed' material and has been for 3 years.

CADclips has never been compensated for any Retrieve Technology sales.
Not a dime.

Retrieve is in direct competition with CADclips, sells CADclips material on their site and does not compensate CADclips ??

Hello Dave and Oscar, what you are doing is "Illegal" and your attempts to ignore us is about to take a change in direction.

Both Legal and Social actions are being rigorously persued by CADclips to resolve these matters.

If you, your company or corporation currently has CADclips material in your vOffice
be prepared to have it removed from your account.

We attempted a working relationship with Retrieve Technologies over 3 years ago. It didn't work out. We parted on good terms. They were told to remove all of our material. They never did remove it and have been selling it for over 3 years at a Corporate Enterprise wide level. They have NEVER paid us a single solitary dime. How much do you think they owe us ??


If you or your company has CADclips videos on the shelves of their vOffice, rGuide or vBooks it is 'Illegally Distributed' material.

I am the owner and creator of that material.

During the day I work for a very large Architectural / Engineering corporation. When I went to the corporate Training vOffice site (owned by Retrieve Technologies) I noticed all of my own personal Training Videos sitting there ?

See Image Below.
(just one screen capture . . . . there are many more) 

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

REVIT Job - BIM Specialist - Cedarglen Homes Calgary

I personally did recent work for Cedarglen homes in Calgary Alberta, Canada. They are a progressive company who treat their staff with respect and provide a challenging work environemnt.

Cedarglen are currently looking for a Full Time REVIT / BIM Implementation person.

Calgary Alberta is BOOMING in a second consecutive wave of work overload and a "prospering lifestyle" seems to be the trend.

You can contact Sam Ahn directly at to inquire about this position. You can also phone them at 1-403-255-2000.

Below is the job description.

Cedarglen Homes is currently seeking a BIM Implementation Specialist to join our design and drafting team.


• Cedarglen Homes is one of Calgary's most established builders, and a recent recipient of the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 Builder of Excellence for providing "An Outstanding Home Ownership Experience" for Single-Family Homes in Calgary.

• We are a progressive home builder ready to take the next steps in bringing BIM to the residential building industry to gain a competitive edge.

• We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, which includes use of our corporate gym, an outstanding pension and longer weekends.

• Cedarglen Homes offers a positive team-oriented working environment and unique corporate culture.

• Our office is conveniently located in Calgary's Southeast with the amazing amenities of Deerfoot Meadows nearby.


• You are passionate about the world of BIM.

• You bring to the table extensive 3D drafting experience in the residential field.

• You are a natural teacher and love to train others in the exciting world of 3D drafting.

• You are driven and able to maintain the momentum in utilizing BIM in the residential housing market.

• You foresee the potentials of BIM and single-family home buildings.


• This role will utilize Revit Architecture for all things BIM-related.

• You will be responsible for training pertinent team members on Revit.

• You are well-organized and will implement and maintain a standard template.

• You will complete working drawings for both single-family and multi-family projects.

• You will work with our marketing department to create collateral and marketing materials.

Please submit qualifications via email to . Submissions should include letter of interest, resume and portfolio.

Monday, May 28, 2012

REVIT Workset Linking Tip

I am working with a guy who has inherited a poorly organized, massive airport REVIT project full of links.

Can you say "Ouch"

Oh man, what a friggen mess. Migraine material in fact, but we must trudge on and persevere : )

Worksets had been enabled already so the first thing we did was create a new workset for each link.
Then we put each link on it's corresponding workset by selecting the link and changing the 'instance' Workset property.
This is good common practice.

That seemed to be doing ok because we could now utilize those new worksets to control the links but for some VERY STRANGE reason all the links were still being globally controlled by a separate workset that existed when the project was inherited.

So how can a link be controlled by two separate worksets ??
Makes no sense . . . . .

Here's the workset tip of the year.

The links have both an 'Instance' and a 'Type' workset property !!
The Type property was set to that pre-exisitng workset.
So now we changed both the instance and type workset property and we have gained full control of the links via worksets.

The reason there are both an instance and a type workset property has something to do with placing multiple copies of the same link in the file but in our case that is not the case.

PROBLEM SOLVED . . . . . time for a coffee : )

Great minds are created by NEVER giving up, when others do.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Autodesk Acquires REVIT Technologies

I started using REVIT shortly after it was acquired by Autodesk which was April 2, 2002.

Hard to believe it's been ten years.

Where did the time go?

I open AutoCAD 2013 now and I hardly know what I am looking at.
I think I have forgotten more about AutoCAD than most people know.

I also assumed that everyone was on REVIT Subscription and running the latest release of REVIT or at worst one version back but after networking with my BIM / CAD manager buddies at the Calgary REVIT User Group I discovered that is no where true.

It seems that many consultants are still using REVIT all the way back to version 2009 !!
Go figure.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tons of REVIT Jobs In Calgary Alberta

I receive email notifications on job postings from 'Indeed' and 'Jobrapido'
with keywords 'REVIT' and 'Calgary'.

The notifications are POURING in every day. 10-12 at a time. Juniors, Seniors and Managers.

Finally . . . . it's about time !

If you are CAD Draftsman in Architecture, Structure or MEP you'd better get up to speed.

AutoCAD skills are becoming less and less valuable.
It's no longer about Layers and Xref's it's about Levels and Categories.

 This time next year you'll be filed away with the pencil drafting group and the Leroy lettering sets.

The students coming out of College are REVIT trained.
You've been warned : )

If your company is not going to train you in REVIT I suggest you invest in CADclips because they may just hire someone who has.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Live One on One REVIT Training in Calgary

Daryl Gregoire is now offering
Live One on One REVIT Training
in Calgary Alberta, Canada.

Learn REVIT software from the Best of the Best
and launch your career into the BIM world of employment.

Don't delay !

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

REVIT 2013 Sky Background

New REVIT 2013 Sky Background.

I like the new Sky option in REVIT 2013. When you first turn it not you may not see anything until you have the Sky (above horizon line / Level 1) in your view. You need to be looking 'Up' to see the sky.

The resulting sky is impacted by the Sun settings for Azimuth and Altitude. So the higher the sun is in the sky the lighter the sky will be. Give at a whirl.

This effect is located in the view's 'Graphic Display Option' dialog box as a view property. You can also set the color of the space below the horizon line (shown in Green). Why not take the extra step and save the View Template. Keep in mind that the view templates now update the views instantly like everything else in REVIT. HUGE !

The Sky functionality is available in Elevation, Section, Isometric, and Perspective 3D views. Also the background options are available in Hidden Line, Shaded, Consistent Colors and Realistic visual styles.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

REVIT 2013 Stair Components

Above is an image of two of the new REVIT 2013 Stair Components.
Can YOU spot the problem ? This is hilarious.
There is a property to set the Parallel Treads at Start and End of the stair but that still doesn't fix it.
I must be missing something ?

CADclips REVIT Videos Here

Thursday, March 29, 2012

13 New REVIT 2013 Features

Here's a link to the Latest and Greatest in REVIT 2013 >

I had wishful thinking that Autodesk may scrap the Project Browser as it is and allow us to create custom access to what is managed thru the Project Browser. (Palettes) However my hopes once again are shattered.

Some of favorite features are:

1. The ability to search the Project Browser for content. Yes, thank you, that helps . . . a little bit but no cigar.

2. The Design Suite is now delivering Architecture, Structure and MEP in a single interface all under one application. Yeah !

3. Real time updating from View templates to the actual view. Most would wonder why it didn't do this already as that would be the intension.

4. Dimension enhancements.

5. Double click a Family to open it for editing. I think I've been doing this instinctively for ever so no adaptation will be required here.

6. REVIT Server enhancements to allow storage of a central model on multiple servers.

7. Parts and Assemblies have improved but I haven't tested the waters.

8. Double click the wheel button to Zoom All to Fit.

9. Stair and Railing Improvements look promising but from what I have read it's not 'Complete'. . . . what  . . . . Autodesk releasing a half baked feature  . . . . could this be true !

10. MEP allows centerlines of rounder elements. WE'VE BEEN WAITING : )

11. MEP includes Site Tools. Thank you.

12. Save your selection sets. Yes, great feature and HUGE time saver.

13. Structure has some nice REBAR and Reinforcing improvements that will be well accepted.

More stuff to follow as time rolls on . . .

CADclips REVIT Videos Here