Saturday, April 15, 2006

Enabling REVIT Worksets

Worksets are a CAD managers dream. (or nightmare I suppose if you go in unprepared). Worksets help organize your project and act as a security guard on who can edit what. You can see it all but you are only allowed to edit certain objects. Ussually things like Levels and Grids are off limits to the general user. The first rule of worksets is to get the project template file as fine tuned as possible. Then ONE user, usuualy the team captain, takes the project to as far as possible before enabling worksets. Then the team captain allows other users in to check out the 'central model' and save their own local copy that will then interact back with the central file. Autodesk document on setting up Workserts. For detailed Video demonstrations on Worksets go to lessons 15-18.


Steve said...

Worksharing is not a security guard, more like a traffic cop. This analogy was shared with us by Paul Licameli with Autodesk Revit in a post at AUGI. Checking out a workset and not relinquishing it is more like putting a padlock on a gate and leaving the key or combination next to it. Just a small hurdle to get over to change something.

Instead of focusing on using worksharing/worksets as a security guard I prefer that users learn to use Revit properly and not have to impede workflow. Worksharing is meant to enable collaborative work, not interfere.

You are welcome to use worksets as you see fit but I disagree with the emphasis on "security" as misleading. My 2 pennies 8-)

Daryl Gregoire said...

Tnx Steve,
I prefer the Traffic Cop comparrison as well.

I had a question from a cad manager who asked "How can I stop people from accidentally editing, deleting or moving certain objects". I suggested using worksets and followed up with the securty comparison. (of course, training the staff is the #1 defense)

Worksets ARE meant for worksharing and collaboration.

Rohit Jain RSMS said...

How about "Disabling Worksets"
Tips & Tricks

Daryl Gregoire said...

Did you mean disabling worksets after they have been enabled?

Once wotksets are enabled you cannot go back. If possible I would think of perhaps 'cutting and pasting' the walls etc. into a new file and then save it.

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