Thursday, August 02, 2007

REVIT Mass Building Maker Tutorial

Thanks to for posting this CADclip on their site.

Autodesk has provided us with the REVIT Building Maker tools to convert Mass Object faces to Walls, Roofs, Curtain Systems and Floors.........and maintain associativity.

The key is we have to make sure the Mass Object Family is of the Family Category > 'Mass'.

You can maintain two seperate 3D views to manage the Mass object and the new Building Components simultaneously. You can change or alter the Mass object and 'Remake' the building components and watch the model update instantly. It's like magic.

Below is a link to a great CADclip explaining how to use the 'Building Maker' tools.

(click the link above to play the CADclip or right click and "save target as..." to download)

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Daryl Gregoire said...

A message to the Google humans and the Google Robots > Unlock my blog !

I have started to post Videos on You Tube. Search for 'CADclip'.

Every Monday I send the same stupid reply message to Google after they send me the same stupid automated apology on behalf of the Google Robots for locking down my blog. It's been 9 weeks since REVIT ROCKS has been locked down wothout warning.

I will get back into blogging as I own anyway but with a different 'non-free' provider that is FOR SURE.

In the mean time if anyone is reading this I have started to post Videos on You Tube. Search for 'CADclip'.

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