Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Slower migraton to REVIT 2010 ?

Well everyone is all excited about the new REVIT interface and features. In fact I know of at least one person who is having RIBBON anxiety. His concerns are "Will all previous training material and reference go out the window?" "Will we need to re-write the entire revit training handbook?" Can I still leverage what training materials we already have?". My advice is 'relax' a little. Take your time and roll out this new release with a little more caution than you have in the past.
The new REVIT box used to show up at our door and it was instantly installed across the board without even thinking. To do so this time around will cause a little blip in your production. This time around the CAD / production managers should be a little more interested in testing things out and getting people properly trained before unleashing REVIT to the masses. My point is, don't feel you MUST install REVIT the moment you can. The walls and roofs and floors of 2009 still work just fine.
The new and improved Ribbon interface that we have all been asking for is finally here. It has been well thought out and widely tested. But just like all changes in life and technology there is going to be a few bumps in the road. True change always involves stress and anxiety. Without which there is no change.
The new interface is not going anywhere. It will be there tomorrow and the next day. The CAD production managers will eventually see their ROI but this time around it's not going to be a seamless transition like all previous REVIT releases.
This time we need to be a little more cautious with the roll out. We need to get 'comfy' with this new interface and most importantly we need to get our CAD operators trained up.
I know for a fact that the new Ribbon interface for AutoCAD 2009 was enough for many to completely avoid the release all together. I do not anticipate this for REVIT 2010 of course because we are a much more progressive group but at the same time it should not be the regular 'business as usual' installation either.
Stay tuned here at revitrocks for lots of REVIT 2010 training videos and good information to help you over this much anticipated REVIT hump !

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