Friday, August 12, 2011

All REVIT 2012 Kitchen Families

Here is an image of all the Kitchen related Families that REVIT Architecture 2012 includes out of the box.

These families are located in the Casework and Specialty Equipment folders (categories) of the REVIT Library.

If you want a variation of one of these families just click on it, then click Edit Type on the Properties Palette. Then Duplicate it and name it. Then change some of the Type Parameters and Bob's your Uncle !.

The counter top families have grips and you can stretch them around but only in a Plan view.

Do some investigation by checking out the different Type Parameters on each individual Family.

Here is a link to the REVIT 2012 Kitchen Families Project that you see above.

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Priit said...

Something is wrong with that file. Can not open 3d view.

Daryl Gregoire said...

The project file is in REVIT Architecture 2012 and it is zipped up. I just downloaded the file, extracted the project file and opened it with RAC 2012 ok. The project open's in the default 3D view. There are 3 other 3D Camera (perspective) views. I did not have a problem with the file or any views. Is your REVIT all up to date ? Anyone else care to comment ?